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A utopian future on a planet with lowered gravity, psychic abilities, and naturally abundant food – what could be better?  I read these books repeatedly as a kid, and still love them today.  Of course, the utopia cracks under the pressure of the secrets it is keeping, and courageous children must save the day.  The trilogy is a surprisingly sophisticated analysis of utopian ideals, for books aimed at children.  The cultures that evolved on this planet are well-reasoned extensions of their histories, and the overall story is believable, given the premise.  Plus, people get to fly and sleep in nests.

Author: Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Order: Below the Root; And All Between; Until the Celebration



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David’s father is a psychologist who specializes in troubled teens.  His current patient is Zelda, a beautiful girl in a bikini who claims she is an alien from an all-female planet, sent to find her one true mate (who happens to be Johnny Depp.)  I was expecting a sort of “is she or isn’t she?” story, where we would end the book unclear as to whether Zelda was mentally ill or actually an alien.  That question is answered about halfway through, when the book takes a decidedly old-school sci-fi turn.  I would have preferred the uncertainty.  A strange little book.

Author: Gary Ghislain
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Expected release date: June 8, 2011

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