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HittyTitle: Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

Author: Rachel Field

Illustrator: Dorothy Lathrop

Newbery 1930

Ah, books of a certain era – I recommend this one with a ‘but…’ similar to Dr. Dolittle – there is rampant American/European superiority throughout this book, which is not surprising, but needs to be addressed nonetheless.  Hitty is an engaging character, and her story is also a nice gloss over American history from the early 1800s to early 1900s.  The conceit of a doll who is able to control her limbs enough to write is nice – as a child, you always suspect that your toys are able to do things when you’re not looking.  A sweet, if odd, story.


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Animals of the BibleTitle: Animals of the Bible: A Picture Book

Illustrator: Dorothy P. Lathrop

Text selected by: Helen Dean Fish

Caldecott 1938

What a strange little book is the first-ever Caldecott.  Fish collected every single mention of animals anywhere in the King James Bible, and then Lathrop illustrated most of them. Strange concept. The illustrations are, in the edition I had, rather faded and poorly reproduced, but still well done. The animals are all very rounded and fuzzy and cute – even the Leviathan. Probably a great book to have at Sunday school, but I don’t know as you need to have one at home. The illustrations are black and white, so they could also be used as coloring pages at Sunday school.

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