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David’s father is a psychologist who specializes in troubled teens.  His current patient is Zelda, a beautiful girl in a bikini who claims she is an alien from an all-female planet, sent to find her one true mate (who happens to be Johnny Depp.)  I was expecting a sort of “is she or isn’t she?” story, where we would end the book unclear as to whether Zelda was mentally ill or actually an alien.  That question is answered about halfway through, when the book takes a decidedly old-school sci-fi turn.  I would have preferred the uncertainty.  A strange little book.

Author: Gary Ghislain
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Expected release date: June 8, 2011


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Retold fairy tales are some of my favorite books.  This one retells Cinderella, complete with awful stepsisters and stepmother.  However, her fairy godmother is now a fairy wannabe-lover (maybe), and she really wants the attention of the Huntress, not the Prince.  While I generally liked this book, I think it thought it was more complex than I think it really was.  There were a few plot-lines that didn’t totally gel, and some stuff felt left out and somewhat random.  It came up on my list as a GLBT book, but the gay didn’t turn up until the last few pages.

Author: Malinda Lo

Series: There seems to be a prequel, called Huntress

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Eva Nine has lived her whole life underground, cared for by Muthr, her Multi-Utility Task Help Robot.  When their Sanctuary is attacked, Eva Nine must venture forth into the world above – a world that neither she nor her gadgets recognize at all.  Loosely based on The Wizard of Oz, this book is fantastic, in all meanings of the word.  DiTerlizzi has found all kinds of cool life forms here on Earth and brought them into new and very strange life in this new world.  The illustrations are, of course, amazing.  We are avidly awaiting the next in this series.

Author and Illustrator: Tony DiTerlizzi

Series still being written

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